Core i5 4200u fanless mini industriële pc windows 10 micro desktop computer htpc zwart nettop max. 16 gb ram 2 * com 7 * usb mini pc

i3 mini pc windows 10, Grote promotie i5 mini pc windows 10 core i3 4010u i3 5005u i5 4200u i7 5550u 2 * rs232 fanless mini industriële pc robuuste pc zwart, display port mini

Eglobal 4

2*com 2*lan 2*usb2.0, 2*usb3.0, 1*vga, 1*hdmi, 1*dc in. 4g router xiaomi. Indicator: Raspberry pi gpio interface: Q190g4 4 lan mini pc. Fanless, anti-shocking,4*com. Hdmi interface: I3 3217u. Dual cores. I7 4500u 4558u 5550uSupport msata and 2.5" ssd/hdd. 

I7 2600 S

Intel j1800 quad core 22nm processor. Windows 7/8/10, linux. Pc client. 4gb ddr3l(max expend 8gb). Hdmi 3200*2000@60hz. Desktop computer gevallen. Fanless+i7  cpu+2*lan+2*hdmi+spdif. 8 : 5. Usb port: Minix neo u1 tv box android. In dash. 802.11b/b/g/n. 300m. Mini pc ddr3. Gebruikt tablet. Mini pc,compute stick,set top box,personal computer. 

Pc Thin Client

Education, business, home theater,. Usb 3.0+vga+hdmi+sd card portfanless+metal case+. 22 nm. Industriële pc werkstations. 2.41ghz. Lan,vga,hdmi,4*usb3.0, 4*usb2.0. N3150 n3160 j3160. Nc340/nc860. 2* wifi/3g sma antenna (optional). 4*usb3.0, 2*usb2.0, 1*gigabit lan, 1*hdmi, 1*vga, 1*mic, 1*spk, dc 12v. 1.80 ghz. Clg7700  with arm11 800mhz. Intel i5 6360u. Ssd diy. Function : 

D Mini

19.7*19.7*3.9. Use : Max turbo frequency 2.7ghz, 3m cache. 300mb 802.11.b/g/n, for free. Omnidirectionele. 160*120*37mm(l*h*w). Black silver. Rs232. 1.60ghz-1.80ghz. 512gb. Router mdf. In stock. For touch control. Bben-mn11. 1.44~1.92ghz. Ppc-101a. 2.4 ghz. For free(with dual antenna, 802.11.b/g/n). 1.30ghz-1.50ghz. 

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Criminal Minds - Entropy (Sneak Peek) *spoilers,*

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Dec 21 '15

Criminal Minds episode 11.11 - “Entropy”  - promo

Dec 16 '15

Criminal Minds ep 11.11 - Entropy - promotional photos!

Dec 16 '15

Criminal Minds ep 11.11 - Entropy - promotional photos!

Dec 16 '15

Criminal Minds ep 11.11 - Entropy - promotional photos!

Dec 15 '15
Dec 9 '15

The BAU searches for an UnSub who may be fascinated with medical experimentation, on Criminal Minds, Wednesday, Dec. 9 at 9/8c. Only CBS

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Dec 9 '15
Dec 8 '15

Criminal Minds ep 11.10 - Future Perfect - promo pictures

Dec 4 '15